Olivia Willis

Chartered Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, volunteer, Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of PPF. Member of the prestigious Best High School Leavers Club in Poland awarded the Polish Prime Minister’s scholarship for best A-Level’s results. Awarded Master of International Finance in top 5% of students at the University of Lodz. Lived in Scotland since 2004 working in Banking and Finance. Devoted to charity work as board member, consultant and lecturer for educational, cultural and social organisations. Co-ordinator of fundraising for Theatre Nemo, Wojtek Memorial Trust, Sport Relief, Foundation Scotland and UK Youth. Passionate participant of charity sport challenges such as international expediton to Everest Base Camp, 500 mile cycle challenge from London to Edinburgh, 5K swimathon, 2.5K open water swim on the west coast of Scotland and 54-mile walk at the Caledonian Challenge. Recognised for active student recruitment at Morgan Stanley, nominated to Saphire Awards and Living Our Values Awards for best employees at the Royal Bank of Scotland. In 2012 recognised by the Chartered Banker Institute as a Successful Pole in Scotland. In 2014 awarded Outstanding Pole in Scotland award by the Polish Consul General in Edinburgh. In 2016 awarded PwC Community Star award for her tireless commitment which has marked difference to lives of hundreds of young Poles in Scotland who she has helped realise their potential.


Email: olivia@polproforum.eu

Mobile: +44 7904 517 232