Executive coaching sessions

Date to be agreed individually with the coach

PPF Coaching and Executive Coaching
As a part of working towards Executive Coaching accreditation with the International Coaching Federation, our coach Kiro MacIntyre offers pro bono a set of coaching sessions to professionals who feel they might benefit from such meetings. Two main areas which she focuses on are executive coaching and transitional coaching. For the former, she would like to invite individuals at a senior management level and for the latter professionals at a managerial level, consultants, specialists, analysts, etc. The sessions may be of use to somebody going through or approaching a period of transition in their professional life, e.g. moving from one company to another, being promoted to a more senior position, returning from a maternity (or paternity) leave or contemplating retirement. There might also be one or two places for business owners who intend to expand from small to medium sized enterprises.
Each set of sessions consists of up to six meetings, commencing with an initial one during which we discuss the person’s situation, establish goals and design a schedule that would best suit their requirements.
If you would like to make use of this opportunity, please sign up here or email Kiro (Kiro McIntyre processwalk.info@gmail.com) or using the contact form on my website www.processwalk.com in order to arrange an initial session.