A peek inside the most secretive country in the world

PPF Globetrotter Club invited you to an evening of stories about the most secretive country in the world – North Korea 🇰🇵

Ana Simion, a globetrotter who travels to remote parts of the planet, told us:
– Why she wanted to go to North Korea
– How you can get there
– About her experiences in North Korea and local customs
Added bonus: highlights and tips for aa trip though mainland China.

Additionally, Anna M Ruszel, Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering expert from AMR International Consulting, talked about sanctions and its consequences for North Korea and the rest of the world.

Ana Simion is a Romanian born financial services professional, who works in PwC. She had previously studied law at university and has a keen interest in legal and political developments. She runs volunteering projects aimed at helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get a start on their career ladder. In her spare time, she enjoys watching cooking shows, and travelling… often in places with a twist!