Anyone can register as a PPF Friend by simply completing the form below. PPF Friend status will allow you to sign up to our events and benefit from learning and networking opportunities.

Once you sign up for one of our events, you will become PPF Standard Member.

The PPF Board of Directors reserves a right to revoke your Standard Membership if you fail to meet the membership criteria:

  1. You are a  Polish national who is at least 16 years of age or older; or
  2. A are a person who is fluent in Polish and English; and
  3. You are a student carrying on studies on a course leading to a degree or a professional qualification; or
  4. You are a trainee employed under either a post-Diploma training contact or, a pre- Diploma training contract; or
  5. You are a professional regardless of number of years of experience; or
  6. You are any other applicant considered eligible by the PPF board.

 PPF Membership is free of charge.


Information and Advice
We will help answer your questions on a variety of topics, from creating your CV to managing people and running your own business.

Helping you make connections
We will help you make connections with others with a shared interest. We facilitate regular meetings of employability and career focus. In addition, we help our members identify and share good practice by linking them with other organisations involved in a similar cause or area of activity.

Enabling your learning and development
Our training courses, workshops, lectures, seminars and case studies provide a menu of learning and development opportunities.

Providing opportunities for you to network, influence and learn
PPF hosts a range of conferences and events which provide opportunities for our members to network with peers, influence policy and practice and learn the latest developments in their particular field of interest.

Representing your interest
We represent all our members in their time of need. Whether it is time to ask for pay rise, move to another job, or to have your voice heard, we are there for you.

Once you become PPF Member, you will have an opportunity to purchase Premium Membership.

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